How to Make a Sports Drink Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is used in many ways; it’s a product that is useful to many. It’s been used for medicinal, in-home, and cleaning purposes. In the sports world besides using it as a laundry detergent people have also used it as an ingredient to create a sports drink. The sports drink created replaces fluid and electrolytes and neutralizes lactic acid buildup inside a person. Besides baking soda, several other ingredients must be added to create the drink. However, one must be careful when mixing the ingredients because if the wrong amount is used the drink can be in-effective and harmful. Below you will find the ingredients, the measurement of each ingredient, and the steps needed to make the sports drink.

Although people can use baking soda as an ingredient to create a sports drink one should seek medical advice before drinking it. In addition, before consumption athletes should make sure baking soda is a substance that is allowed to be consumed and is not considered a disallowed substance on any guideline.

A photo taken of baking soda on a shelf Sunday, December 11, 2016, inside a Publix grocery store. (Photo by Shaheem Sutherland)

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