Shaheem Sutherland Creates a Freelancer Vlog Series on YouTube

(Editor’s note: The article is written in 1st person point of view).

Half-way through my master’s degree at Full Sail University I realized I did not want to work for a publication as a sports writer. Working for someone and not having full control of how much you get paid, when you can leave, and what you can write about did not seem appealing. Plus, I did not want to go through the whole process again of applying for a job just to be told that I lacked experience (I promise I am not venting lol). So, I decided to become a freelance sports journalist.

After making my decision, I went on Google and typed the words “How to become a freelance sports journalist” into the site’s search engine. Since then I have read hundreds of articles and blogs, watched hour long videos, followed numerous Facebook groups, attended several freelance get-togethers, and purchased a book (kind of sort of – it was technically given to me).

In my opinion, being a freelancer requires growth. I say growth because I am constantly learning new things and developing my craft. In most jobs, people are hired to perform a job because they possess a skill that helps better the company, boss, or client. As a freelancer, the need to be good at what I do is necessary if I want this to be the way I pay my bills.

During my journey of improving as a freelancer, I plan to vlog. This will be a way for me to track my growth and share with my audience the daily things I deal with and must do for my profession.


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