Elite U Performance Trains Football Players at all Levels

If an individual is in Coconut Grove, FL driving on US-1/South Dixie Highway there’s a possibility he or she might miss the turn to Elite U Performance’s 15 thousand square foot training facility. Although hidden, residents of the city and athletes of all levels keep on finding their way to the facility at 3075 SW 28th ST. Elite U’s staff opens their arms up to anyone. However, they have made a name for themselves at the college and professional football level.

Although 11 minutes away from the nearest beach, football players don’t come to Elite U for fun in the sun. They come for the intensity. During an interview with Nick Soto, Elite U Performance’s Co-Founder and Head Strength and Conditioning Director, Soto stated: “If you’re not in it to go 100 mph and push it to the limit every single day, you don’t belong here and you’ll realize it pretty quickly.” At Elite U Performance, Soto prides his staff in the work ethic they display and the tempo Elite U makes their clients train at.

Throughout the year, Elite U gets players from all levels. From December to the end of April, they host and train college football players preparing for their pro-day and the NFL Draft. Elite U has helped train over 70+ clients who play or played in the NFL. During the summer, Soto and his staff train NFL players, NFL hopefuls, and college football players.

Elite U understands these types of players need different training.

“So, there’s a really big difference between training an NFL vet, an NFL hopeful, and a college player…,” said Soto. “… Everything is very functional towards the level that you’re at.”

Besides getting in top shape, Elite U’s staff hopes whatever is learned at their facility goes beyond the weight room and field. They hope it teaches players focus, discipline, and strength to handle issues at home and outside.

During the process of training and reaching new limits, the players and trainers at Elite U create bonds. When asked how does he feel when a player succeeds at the next level, Nick Soto stated: “It’s nothing better when these guys succeed and you see their game step to that next level and they come back to you. Even guys who don’t make it, when they’ve gone through this process with you and they’ve gone through the grind and the hustle and just the everyday–getting after it. They’re always going to be coming around and that’s just the most gratifying thing to know that you made hopefully a positive impact on these guys’ life.”

In addition to college football and NFL players, Elite U has created a bond with residents of the Coconut Grove community, high school athletes, and other college and professional athletes. Elite U offers several programs for individuals looking for a gym they can regularly attend and athletes looking to up their game. Additionally, Elite U offers field rentals to anyone in need of using a turf field.

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