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A few weeks ago I attended a gathering for freelancers hosted by CollabMiami. The event was held at Brothers and Brawlers, a vintage coffee shop in Miami’s artistic neighborhood Wynwood. CollabMiami’s Creative Director George Cuevas and David Verjano, Founder of Verjano Communications, hosted the event.

The purpose of the gathering was to allow freelancers from the city of Miami to meet up and converse with one another. It allowed freelancers to share experiences they faced during their professional career and life. In addition, the meet-up allowed freelancers to ask questions and provide answers about various topics.

CollabMiami provides an environment that allows individuals to network and connect with each other. They offer a haven that allows “freelancers of all disciplines to come together to find inspiration, share knowledge, and simply make industry friends within the professional freelancer ranks”.

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