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shaheem sutherland
Shaheem Sutherland Content Producer/Editor

First and foremost, Shaheem Sutherland is a sports journalist.

So far in his career as a sports journalist he has been blessed with opportunities of interviewing professional & college athletes, coaches, and people of distinction in their communities, In addition, he has covered several events; and used his platform to shed light on issues in the sports world.

Since his window of playing football ran out, Sutherland uses his ability to write, shoot & edit footage, interview, create podcasts, and other projects to stay in the field of sports.

Sutherland graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology in 2014. In 2017, Sutherland obtained his Master’s degree in New Media Journalism at Full Sail University. The knowledge Sutherland gained during his undergraduate studies, graduate studies, and current job as a Sports Information Director at Miami Dade College has helped him in running his website (To view more of his credentials, click here).

Shaheemsutherland.com, features content that informs visitors about athletes and topics in the sports world. The content features a tone that allows the audience to make a connection with athletes or sports topics. It gives the audience a chance to read, watch, or listen to stories or issues an athlete has to deal with that the audience can relate to. All information provided by Sutherland is unbiased and unexaggerated.

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